Hortus Concept
77, Rue de la Tour
34980  Saint-Gély-du-Fesc
work Tél. : 04 67 60 93 38

Garden design implementation, consultancy and maintenance landscaping in Herault

Landscape development of your living space ! Hortus Concept is a company design implementation, consultancy and maintenance landscaping outside and inside in Herault, France. We offer a wide range of high quality services provided by our professional team. We consider all your projects as one. We offer thanks to our research, personalized services, be it global management or a global mission. For more informations, send a mail to Hortus Concept !

Hortus Concept History

Based in St Gely de Fesc, northwest of the city of Montpellier, since 2007, our company "ortus Concept" is specialized in the design, creation and realization of development projects for gardens, parks, patios, terrace etc. We offer services for local authorities, businesses and individuals.


Our skills are the result of specific bases in landscaping works, combining the fields of botany, nursery, plant health, but also construction, masonry, irrigation, land terracing, vehicle operation, electricity techniques ... It's not just a job for us. It's a passion. We specialize in the design, realization and maintenance of your spaces. Hortus Concept is the "landscape development of your living space".

Our Team

We offer a wide range of high quality services provided by our team of professionals, experts, composed of an engineer in rural and urban space development, graduate from the ISA, and a horticultural technician. They put forth all their experience and expertise in the continuing quest to offer you an improved quality of life, combining plants in its environment with decoration, design, while ensuring compliance with landscaping techniques.

Our assets

Hortus Concept is a team of professionals with profiles as diverse as complementary, all sharing the same values: listening, consulting, flexibility, dynamism, creativity, innovation, reliability, whether the development project is global or specific. Built on solid experiences, our engineering and design and realization office diversifies its skills every day.

The goal is to get closer to current requirements for landscape architecture, exterior decoration. Satisfying our customers and ensuring the perfection of our services are key to our success.

Our Services 

Each design is unique, depending on your expectations, environment to develop, and available budget. We can offer you a work with a unique mood or influence, such as:

As well as various other services, such as:

  •     Mediterannean
  •     Exotic
  •     Tropical
  •     Dry
  •     Asian
  •     Spanish-Moorish
  •     Aquatic
  •     Contemporary
  •     English
  •     Vertical revegetation
  •     Planting of plants (flower beds, shrubs, trees)
  •     Pond / fountain / waterfall / water games 
  •     Sprinkling
  •     Sowed grass and turf
  •     Lighting
  •     Landscaping masonry
  •     Mulching
  •     Furniture / Decoration
  •     Mineral
  •     Pool (Organic, traditional, landscape) / jacuzzi / spa
  •     Fence / treillis / pergola
  •     Wood floor, duckboard
  •     Event-driven, plant decoration for parties, weddings, congresses, stands...
  •     Discover our realizations...